Shireen Roy

When I first met Ms. Ilana at the age of six, I could never have predicted where we would be today. I was a timid girl who moved around a lot looking for a piano teacher who could help her grow musically. She exceeded my expectations in every possible way.

Over the past twelve years, Ms. Ilana has pushed me to work hard and fulfill my potential when it comes to playing classical piano and developing as a musician, but she’s also been an invaluable personal friend and resource. From supporting my non-musical interests to giving me incredible advice and perspective to helping me through the death of a parent, she’s been a constant presence as both a mentor and a family member. I can’t even imagine my life without her, and I count her as a major contributor to any success I find in the future.

Ms. Ilana is undoubtedly a highly skilled musician and effective teacher, but that’s only part of what makes her one of my most important role models. She genuinely cares about each of her students and wants to see them flourish both musically and non-musically, and she will work tirelessly to see that happen. It’s so rare to see such empathy, strength, intelligence, and good humor in a single person. Above all, she has this ineffable vitality that keep her students unbelievably happy to be with her and learn from her. Any child would be blessed to call her a teacher and a friend.